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Amana Complex

Self-sustaining Hub | Purposeful Business | Ever-growing Endowment

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in the belief that a strong and thriving community is built upon self-sufficiency, shared values, and collaborative endeavors.


Guided by the teachings of Islam, we are dedicated to creating self-sustaining community spaces that not only meet the diverse needs of our members but also contribute to their spiritual, social, and economic well-being.


Through purposeful businesses and an ever-growing endowment, we aim to establish dynamic hubs of growth, innovation, and unity.

Our Vision

We envision vibrant and resilient Muslim communities throughout the USA that flourish through self-reliance and mutual support.


Our vision is to establish community spaces that are economically sustainable, socially enriching, and spiritually nurturing – places where individuals can develop their potential, connect with one another, and engage in meaningful activities that align with their faith and aspirations.

Three Core Principles

Cultivate Economic Empowerment

We are dedicated to establishing and nurturing a range of purposeful businesses that address the specific needs of our community. By offering products and services that align with our values and cater to our diverse demographics, we aim to foster economic empowerment among our members while contributing to the greater good.

Facilitate Holistic Growth

Through our self-sustaining community spaces, we provide opportunities for personal, social, and spiritual growth. Our spaces offer a platform for educational, cultural, and religious activities that promote a well-rounded and fulfilling life according to Islamic principles.

Build an Ever-Growing Endowment

We are committed to building a substantial endowment through the profits generated by our purposeful businesses. By channeling a portion of these profits into an ever-growing endowment, we ensure the long-term sustainability of our community spaces and the perpetuity of our mission.

Join Us

We invite members of the Muslim community as well as individuals and organizations who share our vision to collaborate with us on this transformative journey. Together, we can cultivate economic empowerment, strengthen our bonds, and create self-sustaining community spaces that stand as beacons of prosperity, unity, and purpose.


At Amana Complex, we believe that by harnessing the principles of our faith and the power of purposeful enterprises, we can create spaces that empower individuals, uplift communities, and create a positive ripple effect that resonates far beyond our immediate surroundings.

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